waterbox / Water Tank 8 Gallon Road Camping Shower for Overlanding

Pressurized Water Tank 8 Gallon Road Camping Shower for Overlanding, Water Storage, Vehicle Water Supply and Outdoor Activities

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  • ATTENTION: The pressurized camping shower water tank delivers 30L (8 gal), please consider its weight before buying a pressurized water tank, plan to have a roof rack that can support 8 gallons (about 67 lbs), plus another 30 lbs for a safe 100 lbs (this is just static)
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The pressurized water tank is made from lightweight aluminum with a black powder coat finish, designed to heat the water up by using the sun. Pressurized water tank could be warmed up well under hot sunny weather, so take good caution with testing the water before use, plus maybe avoid skin contact with the tank itself.
  • EASILY PRESSURIZE: The Road Camping Shower is pressurized using an air pump or compressor, you can also use a common tire pump/inflater to easily pressurize the tank.
  • EASY TO USE: ASOPARTS pressurized water storage with brass fittings, stainless steel mounting hardware, and two hoses. Filling with water goes on top with a solid valve that needs to be screwed/bolted on using the provided compact but solid wrench.
  • FUNCTION: After surfing and beach trips, motocross, camping, fishing, hunting, trail riding, hiking, mud driving, for spraying mud on tires, cleaning muddy bicycles, dirty bowls, sandy hands, sandy feet, and shoes, etc.
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